Here at Bayside Family Dentistry, we are firm believers in maximizing your dental care, which is why we treat our patients to special seasonal offers. Currently, we provide the following:

Complimentary Oral Cancer Screening

Oral cancer, when left untreated, can become extremely detrimental to your mouth and overall health. Unfortunately, oral cancer can be difficult to detect until it has reached an advanced stage. To increase your chances of an early diagnosis, Dr. Aram Cazazian is pleased to perform a complimentary oral cancer screening the next time you visit our office. To learn more and to setup your next appointment with our dentist in Bayside, New York, call us today at (718) 423-7009!

TMJ Diagnosis & Treatment

TMJ disorders can be both unpleasant and destructive to your mouth, which is why we encourage you to seek early treatment. To learn more about our TMJ treatment special, we invite you to contact Bayside Family Dentistry today!

If you are interested in these special offers, we encourage you to schedule an appointment with Dr. Aram Cazazian!