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Did you know there are things you can do within the walls of your own home that can soothe your TMJ disorder discomfort? Well, it’s true! Now, our dentist, Dr. Aram Cazazian, always recommends visiting Bayside Family Dentistry for treatment, but if you have a mild case of the TMJ disorder, home remedies might help you return to the comfortable life you deserve. Those home remedies are:

-Reduce pain and swelling by heating the area (With a heating pad or pack)

-Reduce pain and swelling by icing the area (With an ice pack)

-Have a soft diet (You should only eat soft foods)

-Take over-the-counter pain medications to relieve the pain and decrease swelling

-Use jaw exercises that help improve your jaw mobility and healing (Your physical therapist or doctor can give you tips and recommendations)

-Use relaxation techniques

-Sleep on your side (While doing so, use a pillow to support the area between your shoulder and neck)

-Use your fist to support your chin as you yawn (This can help you keep your jaw from locking open and can prevent damage to the joint)

To learn more about home remedies for the TMJ disorder in Bayside, New York, please contact Bayside Family Dentistry when you have the chance. Our dental team will be more than happy to give you the information, tips and details you need, so call (718) 423-7009 now!