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How confident are you with tooth replacement prosthetics? Even though we often think of the olden days when random tools and objects were used to replace missing teeth, modern dentistry has allowed gigantic advancements in tooth prosthetics. Modern times allows for durable materials to drastically improve your mouth and even contour to your smile and blend in seamlessly with your other teeth. One highly effective restoration prosthetic to consider is a dental bridge.

Dental bridges are complete dental restoration treatments designed to fully replace a missing tooth. Even if you only have a missing tooth or wish to replace several teeth, dental bridges can be used. Not only do they improve the look of your smile, but they can also improve its function. In several instances, missing teeth can lead to a downturn in the ability to chew food properly. However, this can be reversed through the use of a dental bridge. The same can be said for speech patterns that may be altered depending on where the missing teeth are located.

If you have any missing teeth, not only can they drastically weaken your jawbone, but they can redistribute bite forces across your dental profile incorrectly. Missing teeth can also you’re your face look much older and appear to have a “sunken in” look. Even your oral hygiene will suffer as bacteria can pool in the gaps left behind. However, by replacing these missing teeth with dental bridges, you will restore bite stability, provide space maintenance, so other teeth remain in place and reverse several other issues and hindrances associated with missing teeth.

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