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The odor of your breath can sometimes be quite noticeable to you as well as the people you directly interact with. Acute bad breath can sometimes be the product of consuming pungent foods and odoriferous beverages. In these somewhat common situations, you can usually erase the malodorous presence by brushing and flossing your teeth followed by a vigorous rinse with antiseptic mouth rinse.

If you have noticed bad breath problems persist without a known or noticeable source, it could be an early indicator of an undiagnosed medical condition. This could affect the health of organs like kidneys, liver, or a certain blood disorder.

It’s also worth noting that chronic bad breath might also be linked to chronic gum disease, periodontal infection, and certain forms of oral cancer. People with sweet-smelling breath might also be experiencing the early stages of diabetes or other conditions related to uncontrolled blood sugar.

Having the source of your chronic bad breath problem diagnosed by a dentist like Dr. Aram Cazazian might be able to catch a serious medical or oral health condition before it can worsen. Even if Dr. Aram Cazazian can’t directly treat a specific medical condition, he will likely be able to refer you to a local specialist who can start the treatment process.

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