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Fall is here, which means that football season is underway. During this period of the year, we see an increase of emergency dental visits to our office. Though it’s not a surefire way, donning a suitable mouth guard could avoid lots of the dental emergency dental visits we receive during this time. We want you to be safe out there, so we’ve assembled this information on dental mouth guards and how they can shield you:

Mouth guards, also called sports guards and mouth protectors, are protective devices worn on the pearly whites to hamper the impact from major hits to the mouth. Though these are typically not uncommon in contact sports, the type of mouth guard worn is often not very strong. Whether you’re playing soccer, hockey, basketball, baseball, football or an extreme sport, you should wear a great mouth guard.

So what constitutes an awesome mouth guard? Though there are some different types of mouth guards, the greatest-fitting and longest-lasting are guards created by a professional. (The boil-and-chomp kind are less powerful than you need a mouth guard to be.) We can create you a unique, super-powerful mouth guard during your next dental checkup. This kind of mouth guard will keep your teeth secure and will most likely save you from costly emergency visits.

To see us about a customized mouth guard just for you, please give Dr. Aram Cazazian and the team at Bayside Family Dentistry in Bayside, New York, a call now at (718) 423-7009. They will answer all of your queries and pencil in an appointment for you.