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Your toothbrush is arguably your best friend in the fight against plaque and cavities. Here’s how to take care of it well, so it can continue to take care of your teeth.


Avoid Sharing: First off, NEVER share your toothbrush with anyone else, and certainly never use anyone else’s toothbrush. Toothbrush sharing spreads food particles, debris, infection, disease, and bacteria. And, frankly, it’s gross. If someone else uses your toothbrush, replace it immediately.


Buy: When buying a new toothbrush, make sure to get one that has received the ADA Seal of Acceptance. Since its beginning in 1931, this program has tested products thoroughly, for both safety and effectiveness. This ensures a quality product. Brushes must be replaced once every 3-4 months, even if they look okay. They need to be replaced sooner if they appear frayed or worn, or if they become contaminated. If they become contaminated, replace them immediately.


Store: When storing a toothbrush, make sure to store it standing upright in a well-ventilated area. This allows water and other moisture to drain off and the brush to dry out, thus reducing bacterial growth. Also, try not to store your toothbrush around other toothbrushes. If you must store them around other toothbrushes, make sure the heads don’t touch. Touching heads leads to cross-contamination and the brush will need to be replaced.


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