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If you struggle with consistent tooth care such as brushing your teeth morning and night and maintaining a daily floss routine, the effects can go beyond bad breath and irritated gums. Over time, poor oral hygiene could result in the development of a cavity in one or more of your teeth.

If your routine dental exam reveals the development of a cavity, our dentist and team will provide you with your cavity treatment options. A small and contained cavity may be treated with a basic dental filling.

If a dental filling is best for you, we can numb the local gum tissues to keep you comfortable throughout the treatment process, and then remove any areas of tooth decay. Our dentist will select material to be used for your dental filling depending on your tooth’s location and how visible it will be in your smile.

We can craft dental fillings of metallic amalgam made from a combination of dental metals that are durable and strong. However, their dark appearance results in them being a poor cosmetic choice for treating teeth that are visible in your smile.

Another option is composite dental fillings, which are comprised of a special dental resin that can be matched to the appearance of your natural teeth, making them an excellent choice for tooth decay that has developed on a prevalent tooth.

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