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Thanks to numerous studies on the subject, not only are dental sealants proven to work, but they have been proven to work extremely effectively. A dental sealant is a dentistry treatment designed to improve your smile by adding an additional layer of protection. Sealants work by applying gels across the surface of teeth that coat the tooth. They are then hardened with specialized light sources with a solid hold that can resist harmful acids that tooth enamel alone cannot.

Dental sealants are safe and effective for all ages. However, because children are often at such a high risk for cavities, it is often recommended that they have sealants placed on their molars as soon as they begin to grow in, which happens around six years old. A single sealant can make a child three times less likely to suffer from dental damage. In addition, studies have been done to display a drop in the levels of tooth decay in molars of all ages by around 80%. The best part is that dental sealants can withstand the wear and tear of constant chewing and eating, and can last a full ten years before the need to replace and repair them often becomes an issue.

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