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A single unappealing tooth in your smile can leave you feeling uncomfortable in social situations. While dental veneers can help restore the appearance of multiple teeth in your smile, a single tooth can often be improved with a porcelain dental crown.

This is a nearly perfect replica of the tooth enamel layer that is cast in a special porcelain material. It can be shaded bright white to match the surrounding teeth.

Dr. Aram Cazazian can typically restore the tooth’s appearance in two separate appointments. This starts by examining the tooth and taking some X-rays to assess the overall health of the tooth.

Dr. Aram Cazazian will then numb the area with Novocain before using a drill to remove the existing tooth enamel. This leaves behind a small dentin pillar that is called an abutment. In time, this will anchor the porcelain crown in your mouth.

A detailed impression of the area will be created before Dr. Aram Cazazian will secure a temporary crown over the abutment. It will then be sent to a dental lab where your porcelain crown will be created.

A staff member at Bayside Family Dentistry will call you to schedule a short second appointment when the porcelain crown is ready. It will be cemented in place using a strong dental adhesive to secure a bond that will last for many years.

If you live in Bayside, New York and you have a tooth in your smile that needs cosmetic restoration, you should call (718) 423-7009 to explore your options at Bayside Family Dentistry.