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We’ve all had a time or two when a piece of food like a meat fiber or popcorn hull has gotten stuck between two teeth. Sometimes a piece of food can get uncomfortably wedged, causing discomfort, distress and sometimes pain!

No matter how much distress you are in, you should never try to use toothpicks or any kind of sharp, pointed tool to pry it out. This could potentially chip your teeth and severely wound your gums.

Waxed dental floss is the first and most effective thing to try. The waxy coating allows the strand to slide easier between teeth to worked around the lodged food particle. Try not to force the floss, or snap it between the teeth as this could also injure your gums. If you have one on hand a floss threader loaded with waxed dental floss can help you work the strand at a different angle.

You could also try using a dental water jet device. The concentrated stream of water, could wear away or wash away the food particle without any undue pressure. Sometimes it can even clear debris that is helping to hold the piece of food in place.

If the piece of food is still stubbornly stuck in place, you should strongly consider calling Dr. Aram Cazazian’s office in Bayside, New York at (718) 423-7009 to have it professionally extracted from between the teeth.